A Story of a Mother

Case: Feature Film 

Customer: Co-production with Cinemanifest

Freed from prison, Eeva returns to her old home region to look for her grown-up daughter. Äiti, the second movie of the director Samppa Batal, is a warm and heart-breaking story of loneliness, humanity and hope. Above all, it is a movie of a woman who acts like a mother.


Samppa Batal is a Finnish film director, screenwriter and producer. His films feature character driven stories exploring the different aspects of human behaviour. Batal's first feature film (Bastard, 2016) was praised for its naturalistic approach on acting and dialogue. His second feature film (A Mother, 2019) will hit the theaters in Finland in May 2019.

Fredrikinkatu 31 B 19, 00120 Helsinki


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