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Äiti (2019)
eng. A mother

A heart-breaking story of a mother looking for her child


Feature film co-produced with Cinemanifest.

Freed from prison, Eeva returns to her old home region to look for her grown-up daughter. A Mother (Äiti), the second movie of the director Samppa Batal, is a warm and heart-breaking story of loneliness, humanity and hope. Above all, it is a movie of a woman who acts like a mother.

Actors: Jaana Saarinen, Matti Pajulahti, Matti Onnismaa, Jonathan Hutchings,
Jouko Puolanto, Helmi-Leena Nummela

Directing: Samppa Batal

Script: Samppa Batal & Krista Hannula

DOP: Miikka Pakarinen

Editing: Tuomas Kohtamäki 
Sound design: Lari Rissanen 
Set design: Matias Muoniovaara
Costume design: Timjami Varamäki

Production: Krista Hannula, Maarit Laaksoharju, Miikka Pakarinen

Original name: Äiti

Length: 1 h 31 min

Premiere: 10.5.2019


Jaana Saarinen was nominated for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in A Mother in Jussi Gaala 2020. 

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