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About us

Character House is a Helsinki-based production company focusing on character driven stories. We produce film and series, currently focusing on fiction.


The company was founded in 2018 by producer Mia Palmgren and screenwriter Krista Hannula. The company’s first feature film Äiti (A Mother) had its theatrical release in Finland spring 2019. The independent film was received very well by critics, and the films main actress Jaana Saarinen received a Jussi Gaala nomination for Best Actress in 2020. Our recent work include feature film Luottomies-elokuva: All-in (Wingman the movie), cozy tv-series Terapiatreffit (Therapy dates) and animated shortfilm Silkesapans skratt (The Silkmonkey's Laughter).

At Character House, we believe in creating stories together and collaborate with freelancers and other production companies in all our productions. For us, character is everything - both when it comes to the stories we tell, and the people we work with. 


Mia Palmgren





Krista Hannula

Screenwriter / Director





We offer production services in different ways: we can execute the operative work of a production or come and work as freelancers within the production-, casting-, directing- and screenwriting departments. Contact us for more information.

Most of our projects have been co-productions (Äiti, Luottomies, Silkesapans Skratt, Viestejä Äidiltä etc) and we strongly believe in working together with other production companies. In other words, we are always looking to team up - let's talk!

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