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Terapiatreffit (2023)

A heart-warming reality series 

TERAPIATREFFIT is a heart-warming reality-series. Four pairs meet for the first time during a blind date, all facing different personal challenges when it comes to dating. Through the process they have psychotherapist Ville Merinen (season 1) and doctor Jonne Juntura (season 2) to help them. 

Watch both seasons here on Yle Areena!

Language: Finnish

Format: Reality-series
Distribution: Yle Areena
Length per season: 4 x 15 min

Directed by Krista Hannula

DOP: Sara Forsius

Sound design: Jenny Ek

Styling: Kirsten Reuter

Editing: Sini Kononen

Grade: Robert Sjöblom
Produced by Mia Palmgren

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