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Kan vi bara få njuta (2022)

Kanvibarafanjuta_key-image_1_LOGO (1).jpg

Cozy lifestyle series starring Tara Junker & Malin Öhman

Kan vi bara få njuta (fin. Makuja ja mietteitä) is a Swedish speaking lifestyle program with delicious recipes, summer magic and honest discussions both on a personal and a societal level. Is it possible to live sustainably and health-consciously and still enjoy life and food? 


Two women, writer and journalist Malin Öhman, and cookbook creator and food lover Tara Junker move to a summer cottage in the archipelago to cook delicious food, talk and enjoy summer. 

Produced in co-operation with Swedish Yle. Watch series here.

Hosts & content: Malin Öhman, Tara Junker
Director & DOP: Sara Forsius
Edited by: Sara Forsius
Sound design: Jenny Ek
Props & Costume: Kirsten Reuter
Producer: Mia Palmgren

Language: Swedish
Season 1: 8 x 24 min

Season 2: 4 x 24 min


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