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Everything in Between (2019)

The documentary film “Everything in Between” follows a group of film makers driven by their passion for their work and the arts, during the course of three summery weeks of filming. The film lets the viewers join a tight knit community striving towards a common goal. The eye is drawn towards all the things which they share during the shooting and between takes; their enthusiasm, exhaustion, inside humour, and, above all, a warm friendship.


When strolling down the desolated streets of the small town steadily losing its inhabitants, it is not hard to imagine this film and its crew being the only things left in the world. Country roads framed by endless fields and silent staircases are the sceneries of the film A Mother, but, at the same time, they also set the scene for the intimate documenting of film making and trust which grows under such exceptional circumstances. 

Directed and filmed by Laura Mainiemi

Edited by Tuomas Kohtamäki

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