At Character House we aim to work with the client on a long-term basis,

offering both short- and long-term services.


When it comes to content production, we put quality before quantity, focusing on the story and how to best connect it to the key message. Stories can be told in many shapes and formats, and we recommend to develop the story and the message first - then chose the format that best tells it.


With us, you get access to our wide network of creative, young talents. We believe in finding the right combination of talent for every project, therefore offering every client their own customised team that best fit the project. 

Content Strategy
Content Production
Content Management

Together with the client, we create a strategy based on the clients consumers' needs and interests as well as the company's goals and values. This strategy will then work as a rule-book for the content produced.

We produce content in many different formats, but are specialised in the production of video and photography.


We offer both project-based content production but also through contract-based agreements. These are monthly content production packages customised to fit the clients continuous needs.

So, you have an awesome looking video - what now? 


To make sure your stories reach your target audience, we have partnered up with freelancers specialised in distribution planning and social media content management.

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