Doctor Johansson (Lääkäri Johansson, 2020)


An absurd comedy about the lengths we go to avoid admitting we are wrong.

A nurse, tired of her job, does not register a doctor leaving for his break. This gives a patient from the psychiatric unit next door a chance to sneak into the empty office. When it is time to call in the next patient, the patient now disguised as a doctor realise she is in a tough spot, but decides to meet with the patient anyway.

Cast: Tommi Korpela, Elina Knihtilä, Samppa Batal, Jonnakaisa Risto

Writer & Director: Krista Hannula
Director of Photography: Sebastian Lindroos
Edited by: Tuomas Kohtamäki
Sound design: Lari Rissanen
Set design: Matias Muoniovaara
Costume design: Elisa Avikainen
Makeup artist: Riina Savolainen
Stillphotography: Laura Mainiemi
Production: Mia Palmgren

Original title: Lääkäri Johansson
Language: Finnish
Genre: Dark comedy
Length: 9 min 40 sec